EXOTIC006 - Patrick Conway - Vertical Society EP by Patrick Conway

 EXOTIC006 - Patrick Conway - Vertical Society EP by Patrick Conway

Top dog at Exotic Robotics (alongside fellow sports-wear aficionado Sports Casual), Patrick Conway finally makes his debut on the label. Now gaining a fierce reputation in the studio, the international man of mystery delivers an absolute heater for his homegrown imprint - showcasing his gift for crafting crisp futurist techno, underpinned with heavy UK rave influences.

Opening the batting with Spring Sonnet, this is a naughty little off-spin googly ripping straight into mid-wicket. It's deep, intelligent, forward-thinking techno that feels familiar but futuristic at the same time. Think Shane Warne meets Aphex Twin. Brian Lara back-to-back with Jane Fitz all night long at the Oval. The batsman literally didn't stand a chance.

The second ball, coming in the form of Early Assembly, is met with an elegant stroking of the ball, effortlessly through the covers. Broken-beats and ethereal floating pads marry perfectly with Patrick's well-timed wristwork and unconventional movement off the front foot.

On the flip side is a pure hit of unapologetic rave-juice for the late-night disenfranchised. A corker of a yorker, pitched right inside the popping crease. 6 runs! Straight over the clubhouse. What a beauty. This is a raucous rave-stomper set to get all the silly... more credits released July 22, 2022